Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Language barrier

I’ve been learning a lot of Khmer words.
I thought that’d be a good way to learn the language.
Thing is, it don’t actually work like that.
The grammar is completely different. What it means is that I basically sound like a lazy Kung-fu Villain trying to read a ransom note that was translated using bablefish.
See they’ve also got like 27 vowel sounds witch means
it’s really easy to say the wrong thing.
For example the words that mean black, Ghost, Hot, Rat and Cock (as in penis) are all very close to each other.
I was trying to explain to an older Khmer woman, using a combination of those words and an elaborate gestural mime, that I had seen my friend kill a big black rat and he did it in his pants because it was such a hot day
Well you can imagine the rest.

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