Thursday, 2 July 2009

MO-Cap Mo-Fo.

It's been really hot lately init.
and I don't know about you,
but personally there is nothing I'd rather be doing on a hot day like this than dancing about in a thermally insulated body suit complete with woolly gloves and thick socks in front of like 26 red lights and 5 or six middle-aged men.

What I'm actually doing is a bit of motion capture for the idents that will be part of the Bradford Animation Festival. (that's a link).

It was all done at Loughborough Uni, a guy from there got some other guy to ask a friend of mine if he knew anybody who could do this and my name/number got thrown into the mix.

I also had to do a Rap.
Not my own Rap.

Someone else's.
Somebody I'd never met before who was not a rapper. Had written the rap and I was literally like a voice for it.
I can't remember it now but at the end it went Ree-Spec!

yu know,
like a rap.

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